Artisan Baguette

This poolish baguette has a crispy crust, which gives way to a soft crumb with irregular holes. 

Perfect for:
sandwiches, soup-dipping, bruschetta, croutons (when it’s a day old).


Asiago Bread

A soft, white loaf coated in bubbling Asiago cheese.

Perfect for:
tomato sandwiches, or toasted for a BLT.



This traditional Jewish egg bread is soft and slightly sweet with a tight crumb.

Perfect for:
sandwiches, French toast, bread pudding, or burger buns.

Herb foccacia.jpg

Herb Focaccia

Herb Focaccia, made with olive oil and Italian herbs, is soft and super tasty.

Perfect for:
eating as-is, ripping and dipping in olive oil, hummus or marinara sauce.

olive mushroom focaccia.jpeg


Focaccia-of-the-Day is a whole wheat focaccia with a rotating assortment of seasonal toppings from the farmers market, such as: tomato and basil, zucchini and onion, mushroom and olive, artichoke hearts, mixed peppers, and so on. We call this our "adult pizza bread."

Harvest metal.jpg

Harvest Grain

Nicknamed “the seedy bread” by many market patrons, this is a multigrain loaf with a chewy outside and soft inside. It's nickname comes from the oven-toasted seeds and grains that cover the crust.

Perfect for:
sandwiches, toast, peanut butter sandwiches.


Jalapeño Cheddar

Nicknamed “crack bread” by our customers because once you start eating it, you can’t stop.  This is a soft, white bread folded with sharp cheddar cheese and studded with jalapeños. It’s not too hot - just the right amount of kick.

Perfect for: eating as-is, burger buns, toasting makes your kitchen spell awesome!

whole wheat sliced.jpg

Multigrain Sandwich Loaf

When we say “multigrain,” we mean it! This soft sandwich bread includes whole wheat, millet, oatmeal, flax seed, buckwheat, corn grits, and cracked wheat grains. 

Perfect for: peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, cinnamon toast, and sammys (all kinds).


New York Rye

A true New York Rye, this bread is made with sourdough rye and  caraway seeds. The taste will bring you right back to the streets of New York.

Perfect for: pastrami sandwiches, paninis, all sandwiches.


Olive Bread

A tasty sourdough bread is studded with kalamata and green olives. Love olives? You won’t be able to resist this.

Perfect for:
eat as-is, top it with Gorgonzola cheese to really blow your mind.

Pain de Campagne 3.jpg

Pain de Campagne

This is our French country Sourdough.  Made with whole wheat, rye and semolina flours, it has a truly crisp crust (we’re so proud of it) that gives way to a soft irregular crumb inside. These giant loaves are sold by the quarter, half, or whole.

Perfect for:
toast, bruschetta, sandwiches, on the grill, or croque monsieur.

ciabatta pillows.jpeg


Our ciabatta is sold as “pillows” (half loaves) or rolls. They’re soft and chewy with an irregular crumb.

Perfect for:
ripping and dipping in olive oil, sandwiches, dinner rolls.

Portuguese Sweet Bread.jpg

Portuguese Sweet

This classic Portuguese bread is common in New England’s Portuguese communities. Similar to a Hawaiian sweet bread, it’s slightly sweet and very soft with a tight crumb. The flavor has hints of orange and lemon.

Perfect for:
pulled pork sandwiches, French toast, toast.

Raisin Pecan.jpg

Raisin Pecan Bread

This sourdough-based bread is loaded with raisins and pecans.

Perfect for:
breakfast, gourmet sandwiches, eating as-is.


Fresh Rosemary

This light white flour loaf has a tight crumb and a wonderful rosemary aroma.

Perfect for:
serving with roast chicken and veggies, dipping in soup.

Russian Black.jpg

Russian Black Bread

Covered in poppy seeds, this dark rye bread has sweet onions inside. A little added coffee brings the rye flavor out of the crunchy crust and soft, tight crumb. This is what we offer people who ask for pumpernickel – and they come back saying it’s even better!

Perfect for:
topping with soft cheeses or smoked fish, grilled cheese, yummm!

Rustic Italian Boule

This country white Italian bread has a crunchy outside and irregular soft crumb inside.

Perfect for:
tomato sandwiches, pasta dishes, etc.

sourdough boule.JPG

Sourdough Boule

Like a San Francisco sourdough, our sourdough boule boasts a crunchy crust, soft and irregular crumb, and a clean tart flavor.

Perfect for:
grilled cheese.

whole wheat sliced.jpg

Whole Wheat Sandwich Loaf

Made with real whole wheat flour, this ups the ante on any sandwich.

Perfect for:

cinnamon raisin this one.jpeg

Cinnamon Raisin Bread