About the Bakery

Since 2006, Girardot’s Crumbs Bakery has brought fresh-baked bread and other treats to markets across the DC-area. Everything we bake is made with all natural ingredients, that means they're never bleached, never bromated, and there's no artificial coloring or flavors.

We sell at 14 markets a week in the height of the summer. To make this possible, owner Chris Girardot works with three bakers in a kitchen shared with other local food companies, and a team of employees, friends, and family members who sell at markets.

We partner with Upper Crust Bakery to bring their excellent breads to markets. And now, with our greater capacity, bring increasing numbers of our own creations to market. Click here to see what we’re baking.

We believe people shouldn't eat less bread, they should eat less bad bread and more good bread. Our breads are made with all the ingredients that make bread good for you: real whole grains, untreated flours, fermented doughs, and plenty of time to rise and bake.

We put care, passion, and quality ingredients into every loaf, bun, and cookie, and hopefully you can taste it.

About the Owner

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Chris Girardot (gee-RAWR-dough) started baking in 1992, when he was hired as a delivery driver for Uptown Bakers. He worked his way up through the company, eagerly learning the inner workings of the kitchen. He quickly realized he loved baking both pastry and bread.

Chris worked as a baker and manager at Whole Foods locations around DC for eight years and as the assistant pastry chef for a large local catering company.

When Chris left Whole Foods, he worked as a consultant for Upper Crust Bakery, creating and marketing breads for local distribution.

In 2006, Chris decided to try selling his bread at his neighborhood Brookland farmers market. The market was small and he thought a bakery stand could help it grow into a food hub for the neighborhood. He started by selling Upper Crust bread, but soon expanded to include home-baked treats of his own.

What started as a lark quickly grew out of control, and by 2012 Chris decided to leave his other work to dedicate himself to bake breads to sell at farmers markets full time.

The Fabulous Baker Boys

More to come!

Market Staff

More to come!